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My name is Raphaëlle, I’m French -born and raised- and I live in Brittany, France, where I’m raising a sweet, hyperactive toddler ! The wheels on my bus never stop going round and The Itsy Bitsy Spider is now officially my favorite song.

Ever since I was a young girl I felt a real, deep love for stories. Of all kinds. It started with literature of course : I read everything I could reach. When it wasn’t enough anymore I probably watched all the good TV fictions and great movies I heard of. Now I’m writing my own stories, and yours obviously !

The minute I’m not busy with all these writing hours, I like to focus on myself for a while with a few yoga poses or a good walk downtown. I also enjoy cooking and testing new dishes : pizza, chirashi bowls, ramen, and tajines might be my favorites.

Music gets a big part in my life as well. I play badly a few instruments -violin, piano, guitar- and I gladly sing when I can, but I mostly listen to people playing far greater music than mine. I enjoy writing with some good folk music in my ears, it helps me focus on my work. 

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Writing & media studies

Sometimes I think my academic path led me to my job even before I realized it !

  • Bachelor of Arts in Modern Literature

Back then I learned how to write fast and well and I perfected my literary culture -both French and English.

  • Master of Arts in French and English Linguistics

In college I discovered the need for the perfect word and the importance of a message recipient.

  • MBA in Culture Management (culture, digital, media, etc.)

That year I acquired digital and marketing skills still useful in my everyday work.

  • SEO and WordPress training courses

The final piece (for now) : becoming an SEO expert to master every technical aspect of my job.

Work experiences

It often feels to me like I already have several working lives behind me ! Fortunately, each one of them gave me a few keys to feel comfortable in my new job.

  • Student jobs : publishing, sales, teaching,…

These experiences shaped my temperament, my work values and my sense of responsibility.

  • TV and movie production

I learned while working on sets that you don’t always come home at 7pm on Fridays 🙂 Joke aside, these adventures gave me the drive to build an exciting life for myself !

  • Culture and media

These years taught me discipline, pressure and deadlines. I experienced stressful, sleepless nights, working on live events in the control room and international collaboration at any time. Exhausting but inspiring !

  • Entrepreneurship in social economy and culture

This interlude gave me the strength I needed to launch my business in content writing. I realized I had every skill I might require to turn my love for writing into a great job.

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Best memories 

♣ working & living abroad

(Ireland, Morocco, USA)   

♥ lauching great projects & awesome teamwork !

Favourite topics

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Favorite topics