French SEO content writing & copywriting

Creating your French content


A SEO partner mindful of your needs

You need some French content for your personal project ? You need some great French translation for something you already wrote ?
Trust me with your ideas and I will give life to them by trying to deliver you the most accurate content. I always keep in mind that what I write must reflect who you are.

A great SEO content for your marketing challenges

You require SEO-friendly content to reflect your image perfectly and get in touch with new French prospects ?
You have products and/or services to sell but you don’t know how to promote their features, even more to French future clients : international products, touristic assets (hotels, museums, etc.), French pages on your website, ... I know how to adapt to these specific targets and address them efficiently.

Organization/ Charity
A French writer supporting your meaningful work

You lack internal means and time to refine your website, newsletter or communication media ? They are however essential to maintain the important work you’re doing.
My concern is to support projects such as yours and I always try to adjust my services to help you. If you need to reach French public you came to the right person !

A global strategy for your SEO writing issues

You need your digital content to have relevance and impact ? Your institution is followed and looked upon as a leader in your field ?
You want some serious content made in keeping with communication standards that will influence the French communities you want to reach. I can write in such a way your meaningful message is well depicted and your statement aims its public.


Original content & Storytelling

First and foremost, my drive is to write, create stories and find the perfect word. I’m always grateful and excited when someone trusts me with a blank page to fill.
Come to me with your shy ideas, the beginning of a structure or even without any clue about what to write : I can help you find a great topic to explore !

English to French translation

If you found my website it probably means that you need some French content. Either you want me to create it from scratch or you already have some English material you need translated.
As you may see in my profile, I studied both French and English linguistics which makes me qualified to deal with your translation project. I’m used to translate English content to French using every language skills and technical means at my disposal.

Editing, Rewriting & SEO

You already have a draft or a final content but you are not entirely satisfied ? It doesn’t seem well-written enough or SEO-friendly ?
Don’t hesitate to ask for my opinion. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to upgrade or redesign an entire website, moreover a short article !
If you just need to have your content read by a professional writer please do : correcting a few mistakes, rewriting as per a certain set of rules, being sure your French is good enough to be understood, all these queries are crucial !  

Localization & Transcreation

Translation isn’t always the best strategy you can use to adapt your content to another language. Every culture, society, language is different and your content might need to be adapted to your new prospect.
Localization or transcreation can be your best ally in that case. These processes -often used in the marketing field- mean you will adapt your content to the new language while maintaining the emotions and impact on your new audience.
  This line of work is way deeper and more complex than a simpler translation but it can prove more efficient depending on the type of message you need in the end.
For this type of services you will probably require someone who understands both languages and cultures perfectly!


French SEO content writing & copywriting per word

Depending on the type of content you need from me I can perfectly work based on a number of words or characters. In the writing field (journalism, etc.) we are used to speak in terms of 1500 characters / 250 words sheets.
This type of quantification matches well with articles, webpages, glossaries, Q&As, etc.

French SEO content writing & copywriting per project

If you plan on assigning me some ongoing work on a regular basis we can discuss by the project rates. It means that I create some periodic content for you -weekly, monthly, etc.- and we agree on a way to spread my fees.
This type of rates is relevant for social media content, blog posts, reviews, etc.

French SEO content writing & copywriting per hour

If you’re thinking of giving me some time-consuming job, I’d rather work by the hour. In fact, when a project involves thorough thinking and extensive search I think it’s better for everyone if I have the time I need to give it my best.
This way of rating is mostly suitable for transcreation work, interviews transcripts, argumentative writing, SEO strategy on websites, scholar content, etc.)
We can discuss the type of content you require as well as my rates and come to an agreement together. Regardless of how we’ll be compensating my work, I’ll always put the quality of the content first, in accordance with your demands and SEO requirements.


A responsive SEO partner

It’s crucial for me to be able to reply to you shortly. If we work together, you can always reach me really fast.

French quality for fair rates

Going for a « Made in France » content writer is choosing fair rates, top quality and VIP treatment 🙂

A flexible digital provider

I understand that a creative process can be long, shifting sometimes and may present with new ideas on a daily basis. I adapt to this kind of project and I always try to think one step ahead.

A reliable digital professional

For as long as I can remember I always worked to reach my very best in everything I achieved. That’s exactly what I’ll do while creating for you. My goal is to offer rates that may fit your finances but never at the expense of a job custom-made and perfectly done.

A SEO content writer expert

I’m not only a writing expert -content writer, copywriter, creative writer-, I also worked hard to become a real SEO specialist ! I know what I’m talking about and it’s important in a trustworthy partnership.

A nice and friendly SEO copywriter

Kind of essential don’t you think ? Our team will be a nice and cheerful one ! I like saying “Goodbye and good luck” with a smile and hoping we’ll work together again. I believe it’s way more pleasant for you as well !