Questions and Answers


Don’t hesitate to explain your project to me using this form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Be as specific as you can : the better I understand your needs, the quicker I’ll be able to present you with great work. If you don’t have a clear idea of the type of content you need yet, I’ll be glad to explore with you. I can write to you, call you or manage a videoconference at your convenience.


I always manage to answer your requests in less than 24 hours, on Monday if you reach me during the weekend. As I try to be a great mom and overall a functioning human being I -sometimes- allow myself some quick vacation 🙂 . In that case, I try to reply to you ASAP to avoid leaving you in the dark.


My rates depend on the nature of your project. I don’t invest the same time and efforts on a blog article or an entire website. I spend a lot of time on the evaluation of your SEO strategy, far less on the editing or translation of a page. Similarly, I don’t use the same skills to write on a subject I perfectly understand than to research a story I barely heard of before. I draft you a customized quote which takes your project and my rates into account, always trying to make it profitable for all of us. 

You should know that I can’t work for less than 60€ : time can’t be reduced ! This fee includes about two hours of work which is the minimal time I can realistically spend on your project if I want to get it perfectly right for you. 


The quote I give you is an all-inclusive estimate. From your first email to your -I hope- enthusiastic opinion on my work J Therefore, if I have to edit, change, rewrite some parts of my essays to satisfy you entirely it will be done with a smile.

In the world of writing, let alone in SEO, nuances are crucial and it’s a huge part of my job to find the perfect sentence that will make you think “I couldn’t have said it better myself”


The minute you sign your quote I start my writing process. When my work is done I send you a bill you can pay by international bank transfer in Euros.

Then what ?

I enjoy so much keeping in touch with you ! Don’t hesitate to tell me how my work improved your image and SEO. It will give me great joy to hear from you and who knows, we may become long-term partners ?!